Craigs LIst

I’ve read many posting about craigs list. So I decided to go to the site. I’ve singed up but to my surprise everything is completely white. Unless of course I click the link.
It seems time consuming if I go to each link one at a time. Am I doing something wrong? Help :banghead

craigs list is not really the way to go. there are so many better sites that will give you opportunities for marketing the houses online. i have run across a few, some of these places will even let you complete the transactions online and do the whole thing throught he computer. check out williams and williams auction house or i know that williams and williams once you post the house there is a 30 day period where the person inspects the house or does whatever research they want on it. At the end of that thirty day period there is a 15 minute online auction. now bideup is an auction that is much like ebay the bidding lasts for a duration of 28 days or the person can buy the house with the option of buy it now. but i know that at bideup there is a listing fee just like there is at all of these sites, however it is much cheaper than some of the others

Craigslist does have a not so pretty interface, but it does have a tremendous amount of information. I’m not sure what you are saying about the “white space.” Have you clicked into a specific area? Are you trying to post/view advertisements and services?

For being FREE, Craigslist is certainly the way to go for many people. I’ve heard numerous success stories from people who post listings on Craigslist.

Hope that helps!
You have to go to the nearest site for your desired area. There is a link toward the top of the page of real estate for sale. It’s very primitive and many people still don’t know about it or use it. It’s pretty much white background with black or blue links depending on if you’ve previously clicked on them or not. Larger metro area sites tend to have a fair amount of real estate related posts. Cities under about 100K people typically won’t have many posts.
Craigslist is a great site for free advertising and you can find some decent deals on there, but I’ve run across many many flaky people on there who swear they’re coming by to look at or buy what you have for sale…only to never show up or call to say they’re not coming.

yeah, i disagree creigslist is a great site if you just want to post the house and show a picture of you and your family picking there noses. the other site while primitive actually will allow you to do the actual deal online. so i mean last time i checked you cant really do that on the creaiglist :flush

thank you all so much for all your good information. I seem to run into walls as I head to my new venture of real estate. All this is so exciting but I always ask myself questions I will never be able to answer unless I ask you pros. Jacque

i just sold a house on this website that i mentioned above and the buyer seller and myself couldnt be any happier. i think more people should start using it. i talked to some of the people at the actual place and they were all so helpful and answered all my questions. i want to fully endorse because it really worked for me i think every agent should atleast give it a try

your an agent and sold a property online ???

yes i buy investment properties on the side. i though i would give this a try and see how it worked and see if i could use it in my real estate company. I would never throw my endorsement to somthing i had not tried. I loved it, and it was a great experience.