Craig's List

I have this saved to my favorites, but for the life of me, I can’t remember why. What is Craig’s List primarily used for with regard to rei?

CL is an site established years ago. It was based in SF. You can go on there and find property for rent (and more). It is just another place to add to your information pile.

Thank you. :smiley:

I looked at that about a month ago did not really care for it kinda chopped up a little!

I agree. When I clicked on the link, it pulled up a page that looked similar to a page that I get on my system when there is a virus or something. Maybe I’ll see if I can better navigate through the site when I’m at home.

Site looked fine to me.

<— Mac + Safari = goodness


I thought I heard that Ebay bought Craiglist. I use it very often to list my rentals and always get lotsa replies and many peoiple to choose from, best of all it is FREE to list. If your city is there you should take a look at the offerings, never know what you might find. At first it was free to list but last year they started charging to list jobs and some other things. Some things however are still free.

It was started by a guy in San Francisco who just wanted to list jobs, furniture ect., within San francisco area, now it is a big place with listing all over the world and hundreds of thousands of people accessing the site.

Why didn’t i think of that?

Yeah it is a great site just chopped up pretty bad! Could flow smoother

I just bought a property off of in the states…er, down there.

Took over their payments at about 80% of value. No money out of pocket except to send the docs via overnight mail.

Also contacted a lady who wants somebody to drive her car down to the states from AK. Should make for another fun trip-for free! :slight_smile:

Very cool site! Way more popular than I would expect. Pretty annoying though, as their home page is for SanFran, and you have to find out where to go to find the other cities.

I picked up 44 new contacts for my rehabber list from there in 48 hours. I thought that wasn’t bad for 2 seconds of posting.

When you go back there just click on your state and save that page in your fav. Whenever you open again you will open to your state as the frst page, not San Francisco.

I never have to go to another State or City on there unless I want to.

Yeah, I think I may just be blind. I was there last night, and realized each city/state has a small list of all the others on the right hand side. :-\

actually ebay bought 5% of stock from an employee.
there was a news article about how that tiny little site makes
$150 million a year from ads for jobs posted in 3 cities!!!

in August eBay acquired a 25% stake in Craig’s List. In 2005 they will take this to the next level when eBay acquires the rest of Craig’s List it doesn’t own and then enables customers to blog right on their unified site.

this snipped was taken from webmasterworld

Don’t forget the “Free” listings. A lot of people will give away valuable building materials there. And when you’re gutting a place it could save you a trip to the dump. It’s amazing what people will take.