Cracked toilet

Just bought a house, in process of rehabbing. Toilet is in good workable condition EXCEPT that the top of the tank is chipped and cracked and needs to be replaced. Can you buy just the top? or would I be better off replacing the whole toilet? (home depot currently has basic toilets on sale for $69 bucks…)

I just replaced the whole toilet in a unit about a week ago because it was pretty cheap at Lowe’s. BUT, if I remember correctly, when my son SHATTERED the top of our toilet I was able to have home depot get the top only for my toilet type.

As a side note, they still carried the type of toilet I have at the time. Worse case, there’s some real nice ones at Lowe’s for $50-$60.

I had the same issue a few months ago. The toilet worked, but was so old I figured I’d waste more time trying to track down a tank lid the specific shape I needed than to just buy another one. One of the guys at work had remodeled his bathroom and gave me a nice American Std. Check Craigslist and sometimes garage sales too. Do you have any construction junkyards or a Habitat for Humanity Re-store that sells stuff like that?

Thanks for the tips guys- yeah the toilet that’s in there is pretty old, and has kind of an oddball shape to the tank so it sounds like I’ll be better off getting a new one than wasting precious time finding an old top to match. I do have Habitat’s Restore in my area so I’ll definetely check there…

Just replace it Jake. Like the others have said all in one toilets are cheap and you can tell the tenant or new owner that the toilet is brand spanking new.


I laughed when I read this because I used to save the lids of the toilets I removed. My wife said enough and I threw them out. You will never match the lid and the manufactures don’t sell the lids seperate. The toilet in a box for 69 bucks is the way to go. Anyone need any pink,green or lavander lids? LOL.

I always thought those lids should be re-cycled. Nice ceramic lids!
A garden path stepping stones (slippery?)
This could become a whole new industry!