cracked fireplace box

we’re rehabbing a house that has had serious foundation issues. the foundation has been piered up, but it has left a crack in the bottom (looks like cement?) of the fireplace box. in this part of the country, fireplaces are a metal box “insert” with a brick facade.

I’m sure the inspector will call it out as a fire hazard.

has anyone dealt with this short of replacing the fireplace?


My thought is to do a cosmetic make over with concrete to seal the crack. I would sell the house as a non working fireplace. Most insurance companies charge quite a bit more for an actual wood burning fireplace. You could also put a gas insert in as another option. According to one appraisor that I have worked with you will not get your money back by putting in a gas insert and an electric insert is of no value.

The house I just finished needed a new chimmeny liner and we opted to leave it as non functioning. We will put in a gas insert into it since we decided to move into it.

Good Luck!