Cowgill Private Lending Course

Has anyone purchased Cowgill’s Private Lending Made Easy course? I just purchased courses I & II on Ebay and they look like low quality photocopies and the cds look like the were burned on someone’s home PC. The seller swears the are authentic. I’ve gone to some seminars and purchased materials that were cheaply produced so it’s possible, but, I just assumed for $1,700 bucks Cowgill would be putting out a better quality product.

Did I purchase the real deal or get ripped off by an Ebay huckster?

Thanks, Taz

Taz, when you purchase anything on Ebay, you need to be prepared to get an illegal copy from the seller. None is protected from stuff like that. If you don’t think the materials are legitimate, let EBAY know, let then deal with it. Next time you buy something, check seller’s ratings, check and see if he is selling the same materials over and over again.