I am going down to the court house tommorrow morning. Where should I got first. Could someone give directions? Like where should I look first, second, third and ect…

Depends on what you’re going to the courthouse for…if you’ve been bad, there should be a list of which courtroom your court appearance is scheduled for…

Seriously, throw us a bone and tell us what you’re up to there…


I’d like to know more about the courthouse too. If looking for foreclosures what room do I ask for? Probate? Landlord evictions? Any others? What happens when I get there? Any of your experiences would greatly help us who are new to the courthouse.

Thanks guys!

i am going to look up pre-foreclosures> Should I go to the recorders office first to get the names, then go to the clerk office to pull the file? Whats should I write down when looking at NOD

Here in Indy the NOD are in the county clerks office

I’ll see you there in the morning!!