court runner

Anyone have any leads for how to obtain a court runner? I have called all the title search companies in the area without any luck!

Howdy Avalon:

Some title companies have their own plants where they do their own research in their own building. Also with more and more records going on line the need to go to the courthouse to search records is diminishing.

The best place to find a court runner would be to hang around the records office and just ask folks who they are and what they do. You may ask some of the clerks as well.

thank you
I called one courthouse and they said it was a conflict of interest for them to tell me any company that comes and searches the records? So i thought if i went in, they wouldn’t tell me anything? Or is it not a conflict of interest? I don’t see how it is?

Howdy Avalon:

I can spot them a mile away like a drug dealer can spot an undercover cop. They are kind of nerdy with thick glasses and a stack of tapes or reels they are going thru. The clerks may be helpful, they will not arrest you for asking.