I am looking into the Carleton Sheets courses and it appears most people think poorly of them. I am looking for some good cd courses or books that i can get that will help me learn about REI.

I live in Atlanta and spend some time in traffic i would like some cd’s to listen to. What do you all recommend?

Where in the REI “foodchain” do you feel that you fit (i.e., real NooBie, beginner, intermediate, etc.)?

What part of REI interests you or are you planning to go into?


You’re in Atlanta! On Saturdays, tune your radio to WGST 640 from 1PM to 3PM. That is the John Adam’s Real Estate Show, he’s one of my REI gurus.

And answer Keith’s questions – I want to see what he recommends too :slight_smile: Keith’s got it going on, time for me to learn where he got it 8)

I gotmost of it in the school of hard knocks (in some case REALLY hard knocks!)…hopefully whatever that it is that I’ve got isn’t contagious!


I am a noobie/beginner. Start me from the bottom up. I am mainly looking for properties to buy/hold/rent.

Go to e-bay and buy the newest version of Carlton Sheets that you can buy cheap…a few years back, I got the newest version still in their original wrappers for $40…for newbies, his stuff is a relatively solid start.


Any reviews and comments on Dave Lindahl’s course? He is specialized in apartment investment. I heard one of his radio recordings at reiclub and consider to buy his course. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks!