Courses for SS

I want to learn the in and outs of SS. I have been looking at courses, bootcamp, whatever you name it. Most of these costs in the thousands. I don’t have that kind of money. Do any of you guys know what I can get for much less that will give me a step by step on how to do SS? Any response appreciated. Thanks!!

If you are looking for a step by step short sale course, I found one called “short sale secrets of the wealthy” by Jared Severe. I have purchased many short sale courses but have found this to be the most complete so far. Many of them leave out things and then try to get you to do more training to get the answer. Good Luck.

Thanks for the info friend. I’ll look into it.

Where did you find this book? I tried Google but it didn’t come up.

I just did a search for his name and found it on google. His website is foreclosureuniversity.