what is the best real estate investing course ?

That’s a very broad issue. Technically, there’s tons of books and courses out there when it comes to real estate investing. Foreclosures investing is I think where you could earn some good profits. There’s even some infomercials you see that claims that you don’t need downpayment. They even have money back guarantee (assuming it would be easy to get your money back).
There’s even just books and ebook. The best ebook I tried is Steve Maletos Fast Cash in Foreclosures. It guided me from start all the way to finish. And I have bought books and even paid for those inflated seminars! But this ebook is complete.

Big D:
It all depends on what you want to get into? I would highly recommend John Lockes course that is sold here on this site. It will cover basic skills such as
negotiating and how to find deals. You could also check for any used Ron Legrand material…

Best Regards,
Jeff Adam