Course advise

Can anybody recommend a reputable CD course on Foreclosure’s, pre-foreclsoures, and/or short sales.

I get the feeling that most of these “Guru’s” pull you in to buying their product when most of the real tips are just never revealed.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest courses that I should also stay away from.


What kind of tips or material are you looking for? How to find preforeclosures? how to negotiate a discount? how to sell it once discounted? how much do you already know?

Im just learning so most knowledge will be good knowledge, but most of the topics you mentioned are up my ally.

great methods for finding motivated sellers
(not the obvious though like, lis pendans, bandit signs and newpaper ads)
speaking will homeowners
anyalizing deals well
understanding short sales
exit strategies

Jeff Kaller’s has some good information about negotiating shortsales although the second half of the course is about auctioning luxury homes. He has two on the subject, one with Ron Legrand, and the other alone. Get the one that he teaches alone off of ebay.

Negotiations in general with sellers, there isn’t any one good course/book that I found. It just comes with practice and by knowing your numbers. Lou Brown has one, but i was not impressed by it. Barney Zick also has recorded telesemenar with his students both available off of ebay.

Legrand’s wholesale retail and for sale by owner courses are good at evaluating the deals and evaluating exit strategies. off of ebay…

Marketing… you market, you get results… not sure what exactly you are hoping to find. If the obvious not working for you, then I would evaluate you before I look for something new to spend money on.

Michael Quarels (did I spell your last name right Michael?) course has large section on marketing, sequencing of letters, sample letters…etc.

$Cash$ also has great course on Sub2 and has an effective sub2 marketing.

It doesnt matter how you spell it Fadi… Where do I send the check?

Here is the deal about courses… I have always said that the last great invention was the wheel… Everything after that is a copy or an elaboration of something else.

The reality is that the courses, all courses, lack one thing… None can make you do it… There isnt a magical chapter on drive…

And for the most part a 25.oo book at Barnes and Noble has great material… Free seminars at your REI club have great material. Hanging out and asking questions of a forum will give you great material.

Certainly there is information in the courses Fadi mentioned which will help you see the big picture clearer… Cash’s course on Sub 2 is fantastic… I only know about one of the others he mentioned…

I think I would hang out here and determine what kind of Investor you want to become before deciding on whos material to buy… I have to say however that it all begins with Marketing… Shameless Plug…

Michael Quarles

Michael is absolutely correct. I agree with everything. You can find a great deal of information in different books for 12-25 dollars, but you will have to find books on one subject at a time. Thats the only problem.

Asking questions on forums and at rei clubs is also great.

Once you go the cheap route and if you still have questions, then its good to buy a course to put everything into perspective.

personally i like books because they drill the subject a lot harder and most don’t try to upsell you on another course.

I cant answer that they would kick me off the board…


I love your answer to the how much question. Probably the real answer is, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. :biggrin

I developed mine through trial and error and have even given up on sending them out. What, go against the guru teachings?

Yep. I only do pre-foreclosure (before they get NOD) and REO. Quicker and more profitable. Having been a mortgage banker as part of my resume I may have had an advantage when developing these materials but if you use common sense and write it as if you were getting it, I bet you write some good marketing pieces.

I realized no one asked me but I had to put in my 1.5¢.