county treasures office

I was going to find properties for whith tax debt.
I called them but they said so I would watch news papers.
I asked her again if I could come in their office and do the search myself. And againg she said that title companies will advertis in news papers and I should watch the news papers.
Did I call the wrong office?
Sorry, I ask a lot of questions today…

Thanks guys for your help a lot!


I don’t know which state you are in, so I can’t answer your question directly, but I will tell you how Texas does it. State law requires that properties that are going to be sold for tax debt have to be advertised in newspapers on Sunday for 3 weeks before the first Tuesday of the month. They are also posted on a bulletin board in the county court house (usually in the basement :wink: ) that can be perused at your leisure. The state where you live will probably have some variation of this theme. They may not have the bulletin board. They may have different lengths of time that they have to advertise. They may have a different day that auctions are held or it may be just after it has been advertised for a certain length of time. I am sure that the clerk was trying to tell you what you need to know to be able to buy properties at tax sales. I would suggest that you try to contact a REI club in your state to get specific information about your state.


thank you for your reply, but there is no REI club in my state :cry:

Just found one REClub today!
thanks God!
it is actually in a different town, abou 2 hours drive from me, but still…