county tax sale of mobile homes?

I liked to know if anybody has ever bought mobile homes from a tax sale? If they bought one was there liens on it and lot rent was thier confusion with the titleand other problems.

yes I have. and the answers to your other questions are all dependent on the situation. Ask the right people (treasurer, dept of licensing/DMV, park manager, etc) the right questions

Hi steve could you please tell me about one situtaion and explain in more detail with park manger and the other groups you talk about there is a tax sale in july and there is always alot of mobile homes in there. thank you nettie

first, nettie, do you know anything about your local MH market, and how to capitalize on MHs? If you haven’t yet read Deals On Wheels, spend the $30 and get it done. I think on this site somewhere, or creonline, or just google Lonnie Scruggs.

The treasurer/assessor will tell you what the outstanding tax bill is = minimum bid. Other liens? Usually wiped out by county tax sale - check with your title-issuing agency in your state (DOL, DMV, etc.) --they can tell you if the current taxpayer is the legal owner. If they are not, then someone else has their line in - may be worth contacting the registered owner, asking them what they owe, and to whom, and contacting the lienholder/legal owner for a short sale opportunity (see if they’ll take less than the balance owed just to get rid of payments). Usually MHs at tax sale, if they’re at a touchable price, are owned free & clear.

HAVE to check with park manager/land leaseholder to see if any back rent is owed on the space. That too is negotiable.

Get in there and do something, you’ll learn.

Hi steve I did read deals on wheels and his other book and tape i like to know if alot of mobile home parks buy the trailers from the banks and county tax sales. should i start talking to owners of the parks that are in good areas Italked to one owner and he was very negative and he showed me how they destroy the trailer and how it took him 4 months to evict them. Have you had any problems that i should watch for? thank you nettie ::slight_smile: