Countrywide sent letter stating that upon approval 14 days to close?

We got a basic “timeline” letter from CW. Before this we has a phone call on 3/21 stating that an appraiser wb calling within 5 business days to schedule the interior appraisal (never happened as of 4/8).

The letter (dated 3/28) sates that an apprasier will call within 5 business days. After appraisal, they take 5 more bisiness days to get final appraisal.
Then 5 business days after that they will make thier desicion.

If approved, they will contact us immeadiately and expect to close in 14 days (or less). If denied, they will contact within 5 business days.

For those that have dealt w/CW (esp in FL) -do they really move this fast after making you wait 30 days before even looking at the packet?

What can we reasonably expect - we need to look for a rental, but don’t want to look too soon nor do we want to be homeless! Since we haven’t heard from appraiser I am guessing they are backed up and that could be 2 weeks from now??

Yes. My Countrywide ss approvals required 10 days to close. Howegver, the one that did not close in 10 was extended without penalty.