Countrywide restructuring short sale department AGAIN? Delays again!

I am amazed that it is almost a year later and I am still trying to get Countrywide to move on our loan. :shocked
Our first set of 3 offers last February occuring during a major restruction of thier loss mitigation/short sale department and our file sat in a pile with all the others that were lucky enough to be submitted during that time - till after several months, all extended offers expired - all 3 buyers walked and CW finally came out to appriase the house :biggrin with no active contract.
Started over with new realtor - now $10k less. Only have 1 buyer, submitted offer 9/18/08. Still waiting. :shocked Had contract extended twice - is going to expire AGAIN on Monday. CW negotiator told our broker she WAS a 2nd phase negotiator (which we thought we were IN the 2nd phase) but now is a 1st phase and needed to update our financials (no more than 90 days - well it was 90 days to THEE day since they waited SO long!!!).
Just wondering if anyone is getting anything done with CW these days or they at a standstill?My “other nightmare” is the 2nd with HSBC. Have not gotten “official” notice that they will accept $3k on the 2nd (owe $19k). Have they been still throwing a wrench in things for anyone on thier 2nd when it looked like you were going to close???
Any current SS war stories that involve these two companies are appreciated. My “new” broker still seems to think this shouldn’t take so long and I told her from what I read that it would probably take 3-4 months before we close when we submitted the offer in the 1st place - she thought I didn’t know what I was talking about :rolleyes well I have learned ALOT on here and appreciate ALL of it. I know more about the “process” than the realtor :beer thanks again in advance for any input or experiences you may take the time to share :biggrin

PS - anyone hear of a seller fighting paying deficiency due to mortgage company’s delay of sale? We lost $10k and another year because of them not doing anything.

CW is probably the biggest pain. I took well over a year to get a short sale done- and it never got done with them. Months later, the home is listed REO for 60K more than is owed to CW!!

HSBC- they are probably the 2nd biggest pain. They outsource the negotiations to a collection agency, which would be OK- but the people know nothing about mortgages, and treat the situation like it is credit card debt.

I prefer short sales, to REO’s, because I can help people avoid foreclosure- but the truth is that short sales take so long, buyers walk away, etc- and I’ve put hundreds of hours into deals that didn’t come through.

REO’s are hard to, but not quite as hard.