counterfit U.S. bonds in the billions????

Did any of you see the report on those bonds over $150bill that 2 chinese were caught with?Then our govt just instantly blew it off as counterfit,and now nobody will tell what penalty those two got since being quetly released.It was on glenn beck the last two days and the explaination of if these were real or counterfit was really terrifying.

Yeah I seen that. Glenn Becks the only one who covers it. Seems really suspicious to me…

One again, Glenn Becks the only one that really covers a important issue…

Thanks Glenn! :slight_smile:

I heard about it. They were determined to be fake.

Says who? Our government just simply dismissed it as “must being fake” till yesterday, but never even did an investigation on it, if im correct.

Also, Glenn Beck and his staff called up alot of people in the US gov, and alot of people in other foreign countries, and couldnt get ANY answers.

I dont think this is done, unless I missed something that happened just today.

The more important fact was that they were headed to a Swiss bank… Counterfit bonds don’t usuallly make it into a bank… ESPECIALLY such a large sum… just a thought…

Does’nt really matter if it’s counterfit or not.The fact that our govt is’nt outraged by it should concern us all,and the fact that it’s not world news(like obama killin a fly :rolleyes)is saying some govt’s are in the middle of the destruction of the dollar.We all should realize this govt’s hidden agenda(aka world currency).

First off…

They two men detained were JAPANESE not CHINESE.

My guess is these BONDS were NOT counterfit, but REAL!!!

These guy’s were MULES…They were trying to bring REAL U.S. BONDS to a Swiss Bank where they could be SOLD. By NOT declaring them, the Japanese Goverment could have UNLOADED a HUGE amount of U.S. bonds without detection in the MARKET PLACE!!! This is what SWISS banks make a LIVING doing. The NAZI’s STILL had accounts in Swiss banks 10 years ago until the ORIGIN of that money was traced. Must have been NICE for the SWISS to have MILLIONS in accounts from a Goverment that hadn’t existed for 60 Years!!! (Not a lot of WITHDRAWALS or complaints)

This Japanese Bond deal is actually a very shrewd way of selling an asset that has been beaten up lately WITHOUT signaling to the market that your country is UNLOADING and thus creating even LOWER prices. THAT is why the U.S. isn’t saying a WORD about this.

Did you guy’s think it was just coincedence that JAPAN came out last week with an OFFICAL “We love U.S. Bonds statement”???

As far as our goverment being OUTRAGED???

When you’re the DEAD BEAT, up to your eyeballs in debt, can’t live within it’s means COUNTRY…How OUTRAGED can we be???
Sort of like a section 8 renter being pissed off about their LAND LORD selling the house they live in!!!

Glenn Beck is an alarmist and a drama queen. And I say that as someone who finds his radio show entertaining. You can’t take everything he says seriously.

Back to subject, I read that notes were printed in denominations that have been out of use for decades, so that’s how they knew they were fake. Sorry I don’t have a link.