Counseling certification

Hi all I am new here and to Investing. I have got most of the basics down I believe and am ready to get going. But I just read a post that talked about “Counseling Certification”, this is something I have not herd about. Could you please explain this to me.

Thanks Keith

can you be a little more specific on what the post was saying?

Yea. Please help us out. Are you talking about a Certified Loss Prevention Counselor/Specialist? I’m just guessing here.

Sorry I tried to go back and find the message I saw this in and could not. Wanted to put it in the correct content. The individual stated that the home owners were in or about to be in foreclosure and that he was going to put together a short sale and that the HO would go through there counseling certification in the next week. Just wondering if there are some cases Like HUD or FHA that required some kind of debit counseling or if it was a requirement before something like a short sale.


have no idea what that is. maybe somebody that knows would reply to you, or maybe going to the foreclosure posts and asking there. Good luck