Could someone pleaaasssee e-mail me forms to use for the offer

I used an offer form for my wholesale deal. I winged it, and put 45 days to close, upon comparative Market Survey, inspection, and title search. Do you guys do the title search on wholesale deals? Or should the re-habber do this?

Anyway, could you please e-mail me a form…I’m awesome in property management. I’ll trade for forms or advise=)

What type of forms are you looking for? As far as title search goes, unless it is in foreclosure and date is near, I would not run a title search and would leave it to my investor to do it since some may not want to.

I am looking for what form to use for a offer. Thank you!

It depends on your state really… talk to a local investor and ask him/her what contract they use. Or call the title company and ask them if they have a preferred contract to use.

In Texas, I use the same contract the realtors use so it would not work for you.

What state are you in? someone here may have a contract you can use.


go to and download 20-7 form and read it. I will PM you my phone number to call me and i will explain how to fill it out.