Could some explain this to me, please (sub 2 question)?

I was reading in the older posts and came across one by krismalone saying this:

Seller called me asking me to take over his loan as he has been making 2 payments, 1 in NC and other in Tenn.

I had him send me a copy of the warranty deed and mortagge staement. Home was appraised for $150K He owed $107K. I drew up another warranty deed, had him notarize it. He sent it back to me in Chicago and I immediatley placed an ad in teh paper for Johnson City Tenn.

Non Qualifying Home!!!
4bd/3ba 2,500 sq,ft.
$3K down, 1K month

I got 40 calls in one week. The buyer (Jeff Brown) offered to close the deal without me even having to go to Tenn. The seller had left the keys in teh garage. I had my buyer go to the home and pick up the keys. After he saw the home, he wanted it. I drew up another warranty deed over to him and after receiving downpayment I sent him the warranty deed. That was the quickest 3K i have ever made. Up till now, I have never seen that home, buyer, or seller.

Will someone please explain how this is possible so newbies can understand it? I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Edited to add: I get it now. I plan on doing this same thing as the person above. Anyone have anything to add?

It is explained… What exactly is your question? What do you not understand

I said I got it, but thanks. I was just looking for some more success stories about it.

It is hard to believe, but it is possible. You have to try that provided you have control over your $$$, and know a bit more about laws in different states.