Could i call (we buy houses) to sell my birddog finds?

Hey i was just wondering,Ok iam interested in Lease option but in the mean time while iam reading up on it until iam 18 iam 17 now.I thought i would give birdogging a try so i went out one day and found some nice fixer uppers that look like they want to get rid of them quick. so i cantacted my local rei club but they never reply to emails and ect so i started thinking how can i get these properties looked at by investors then i saw one of those WE BUY HOUSES SIGN’S and i was wondering do you all think its smart to try and sell the information to one of them…??? has it been done b4

Yes, definitely! Those are the people you want to call and talk with to find out what they are looking for, then find properties within their designation. Also, attend your local meetings and introduce yourself as a new investor, wanting to birddog for some investors. Find out what they all need, and then FIND it for them. Find them really good deals and you will make a killing! I know a couple of investors who just paid $10k bird dog fees for a deal someone brought them. Not too shabby! :slight_smile:


(sorry, I just saw the part about your local REI club, keep in mind most of the directors of these clubs are investors as well, and don’t frequently check the club’s email. Especially if you are in a populous area.)

Thanks will do tommorw after school…