COSTA RICA - Great opportunity ? ? ?

I have heard from a couple different investors that there are a lot of investment opportunities in Costa Rica. Does anybody out there in “cyberland” have any thoughts regarding investing in Costa Rica?

Personally, I think there are plenty of great opportunities here in the US…but, that’s just me.


Beautiful place Costa Rica. I’ve seen the properties on line. Check this out though. If you want to buy in paradise, look at what Puerto Rico has to offer. It’s good ole USA. I can buy 3 bedroom 1200 sf homes a half mile to a mile from the beach for as little as $35k. Go to Cost me $450 round trip from the midwest. There are many duplex and multi family. I plan someday to be able to spend a few months a year in San Juan. See you on the beach!

Do you know what type of appreciation Puerto Rico has seen in the past couple of years?

It certainly would be nice to own a vacation home on a tropical beach. 8)

Check out Panama…no hurricanes at all, great year round weather and incredible tax benifits to US buyers… No property taxes for 20yrs on investment properties… Oh open a bank account there too…its like the swiss…all numbers, no names…

But the land is beautiful and many condos are popping up around there on the beaches now.

I do not know much about Costa Rica or any other country for that matter but you need to be very careful when investing in other countries. Some not so first world countries can have a change of government over night and do a complete 180 for the worst.

I actually thought about getting a place in Costa Rica, My step father and his friend were going to buy in Jaco(i think the name was) very westernized side of Costa Rica.

Most of the internet marketing are scams though.
Costa Rica has Squatters rights, so what these"Brokers" do, is sell land and homes to U.S. investors. The investor buys the land or house, once they leave the broker either hires or finds people to squat on the land, Then this investment that the U.S. native paid for then becomes the Squatters. Legally the investor cannot remove them. The Broker then offers to buy back the property at a discount, he gets the squatters to leave and then the whole viscious cylce starts over.

I have a step sister that lives in Costa Rica that could stay in the property, even then I’m hesitant to invest.

Costa Rica is great for developers and I’m doing several projects in Costa Rica right now. The reason why it is so good is because land prices are still pretty reasonable compared to other Caribbean/Latin American Countries. Also, there is a large expat communities from the U.S. and Canada. The government is very stable and open to investors/developers.

The squatter problem is a real problem and it should be handled locally. You should definitely have a Costa Rican lawyer working for you (a reputable one). When dealing outside the U.S., due dilengence is a must and it must be done correctly.

Patti Porter