cost of re furnishing wood floors

yeahhh, the wood floors are almost stripped. My handyman has been very helpful.
I usually give him free rent for his services but he has gone above and beyond with this project.
This house has two bedrooms about 10 by 12 each and a living and dining room about 14 by 14. the bedrooms only needed the carpet pulled and some staples removed but the living and dining room had the carpet and then old linoleum with all the tar crud.
How much should I pay him for the bedrooms and then how much for the living and dining?
He told me to check around.
He will also be the one sanding, and revarnishing.
Your advice is much appreciated!

$2.50/ sq. ft. is the going rate in the Northeast

You should shop around, you can get it for a little over a $1 a square foot if you look hard enough. You usually find those guys via word of mouth.

ok so betwene 1.00 and 2.50 per foot but does that include the carpet , staples, linoleum and tar removal? That has taken about three or four days and its still not all the way done.

Thanks for your input

Pay him what a helper for a contractor would recieve, about 8-10 a hr since he is not paying taxes… If he will take less than do that… Figure out the sq ft and the hrly rate based on an 8hr day… If your fair with the guy, he will respect you more and difinetly be more of an asset on other jobs…

Thank you,
w/ him I definet;y want to be fair. He can fix anything and I mean amything. It’s taken me 2 1/2 yrs to find such a knowledgable yet honest guy and I don’t want to lose him trying to save a couple bucks. He’s already saved me from buying two new refridges.
I’m trying to talk him into getting his contractors license, he more knowledge than most contractors I’ve met!
Again, Thanks