cost for black top paving

looking to get info on black top paving for off street parking.

just like my black dirt thread, would anybody like to share some prices which are good deals and/or some places to purchase from?

this is for nj, morris county area.


Call around, I think this is something that has a widely varying price. If you tell the company the size of the area they can probably give you a quick estimate.

It’s priced by the square ft. If it’s a new install make sure you have some processed gravel as a base. If it’s a redo and the old drive hasn’t settled don’t let them talk you into a gravel base. Your exsisting is the best stuff. Just remove the old, grade, and install new.

this would be over gravel actually. :wink:

thanks for your reply.


I know a mexican guy in Dallas who purchased a big open field right off a freeway in a not-so-good part of town. He probably picked it up for $50k, and got several acres out of it. Anyway he put black top pavement DIRECTLY ON TOP OF GRASS - crazy if you ask me - slapped a good looking portable building on it and is now making a killing running his own used car lot there. His nitch market is the hispanic community…and he probably sells 100+ cars a month from a used car lot. Interesting, eh? Do you guys think he’ll have pavement problems in the long run though?

Maybe, but what does it matter? If he’s making a killing he can afford to redo it later on! :beer