Cost-effective flooring for apartments

I had got a new contract for apartment construction. It is reaching to the final touch, that is the flooring. As the estimate of the construction is low, looking for a cost down a budget for flooring. We planned to do epoxy flooring it can resist chemical and damage. Thus less maintenance is required in future. My question is can it possible to use the same epoxy coating for kitchen hall and garage? What factors are to be considered before doing epoxy? Are there any cost-efficient techniques for flooring? Suggestions are highly appreciated.


Epoxy can be a long term solution if your dealing with single story slab on grade construction! But as you know a second story is typically built as wood frame with a plywood decking?

If you are dealing with single story or your project is steel frame with corrugated deck poured with lite concrete on additional stories (Levels) then you could go with polished concrete, it might be cheaper in the long run as epoxy will wear over time and require a restoration of the epoxy 10, 15 or 20 years later depending on traffic.

If your looking for color you can add a color additive to the concrete and or order colored concrete from your local ready mix company.

A epoxy kit for a garage runs about $120 for enough to do a 2 car garage but your required to clean thoroughly and then acid etch the surface as prep for the epoxy to adhere, it is very labor intensive. Where polished concrete only requires grinding rough surfaces, applying a polish and machine buffing the surface.

You can use a self leveling mix to fix floors that are unleveled or to fill bad sections of surface.