corruption-the root of all our problems w/ govt.

I just wanted to team up with ALL of you(hopefully) to join me to call on ALL reps in govt to expose and expell corruption.Examples like charlie rangall,CHris Dodd,John Murtha,etc,etc.We need to call on our reps to call out these and several others.

As Glenn Beck brilliantly suggested we hold all dems and repubs responsible,no more hiding behind parties.And it also means those who are willing to take on corruption in their own party.Washington seen saturday that we ALL are watching.So instead of us carrying our signs with a million different concerns,let’s just sum it all up.We are ALL fed up with the lying/corruption.

I hope we can all agree atleast on this as a postive suggestion to a common problem no matter who or what party you beleive in.They both are guilty,period. :cool


Well said… hold them accountable no matter WHICH PARTY it is… and let’s not forget ACORN, who was caught a THIRD TIME, this time in NYC, in the fake prostitution sting…

Acorn is the most obvious,it also has over 200 smaller entities under the umbrella.I’m surprised they have’nt went underground through these yet.Call your congressman tell them to support HR3226 which cuts off founding to czars since they are’nt contitutional(not elected or vetted).This should be a no brainer to anyone who still believes in our system both left/right.