Correct form for transfering property to LLC

I’ve recently established an LLC and would like to transfer my Arizona property to the corporation. There is a website that has this Arizona form available for download (for about $15): Quitclaim Deed - Husband and Wife to LLC. Does this sound like the correct form? I read a separate posting here about forms being available in the library, but I live in a different state than the property. Thanks in advance for your response.

Howdy Elster:

Almost any deed will work from Arizona. A lot of title companies do not like quit claim deeds except for divorce perhaps. Here in Texas A Deed Without Warranty is used. A Warranty Deed os good for you to use too. It just says that you have good title and will warranty that you have good title. A special warranty Deed on the pother hand is used by banks for instance after a foreclosure which just basically says that we do not know what we have but you have it now what ever we have. All pretty much the same stuff for your transaction. Just a few different words in one part.

Thanks for your response, I’ll search for a plain vanilla deed for the transfer :slight_smile: