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:cool HERE is something that was asked of me today and i really had no answer to it

WHO gives loans or hard money loans to corporations with no personal libality ??? THE corporation has a d&b pay # of 80 to 85 this wouuld bethe same as a fico of 700 to 800

ANY ONE have any information on this thanks

There are a few non-recourse hard money loan programs that will lend to corporations—final LTV, rates and terms and conditions will be depend on a number of factors not mentioned.

What type of transaction is this? For real estate, business acquisation or expansion, capital equip investment, etc.?

Residential lenders tend to cap LTVs to legal entities, this guideline gets a little fuzzier with commercial and hard money lenders.

If you want to share more about the “what if”, I can share more about the “what’s possible”…


Scott Miller

:cool i do not know any more than what i said as i said this was a question asked of me . AND i really had no answer so i went looking and hoped for a answer and recived some answers thank you

Glad to hear that you found what you were looking for—regret that I couldn’t be of any further assistance…


Scott Miller