I have a corporation with a dun and bradstreet paydex score of 82, which is equal to around an 750 to 775 personal credit score. I have credit lines of over 250K and several no limit credit cards. My question is would I be able to obtain a mortgage/hard money loan under my corporate name? and if so do I talk to a commercial lender? My plan is to purchase homes, rehab and flip them. My exit strategy is pretty sound. Just not sure if I am able to obtain a mortgage under my corp name.

To those that ask why dont I just use my credit line to purchase properties? That is an option, however I would like to explore this route before I look into doing that. Thanks for in advance.

you can purchase a home using your corporate name, but you might want to ask a real estate lawyer.

hope this helps :biggrin

If you want to buy under your corporate name then you should be speaking to local banks in your area. Most conventional lenders will not do this type of loan without a personal guarantee. Which makes the corporate purchase a moot point.