coporation credit ??

:slight_smile: A question here as i see many people telling people to get credit lines for there coporations andi have as well

But my question is where could some one go and get credit lines that you could apply for that are offered. The thing is can you apply for lines of credit other places other than your local banks ?? The way you can apply for credit cards from differant places no matter where you live . And if you can please share where and who

First off, the state that you are in has a lot to do with which bank you can get the loan from. One option available to you is to go to a broker (Loan Officer) which will get paid their commision after the loan has closed and the broker will do all the shopping around for the best loan for you. The broker will also be responsible for abiding with state laws and getting the loan closed in a timely manner.

iam sorry was not asking about aloan But aline of credit for a coporation and what places out side of your own home town banks you could get one from ?? like all of the credit cards you can apply for in the mail from other places

A line of credit is considered to be a loan and you can get those through your local bank or a broker which is hired to shop around your local banks as well as banks who you may not have heard about ,(some are only available to brokers), to get you the best deal available.

Go to It is a valuable resource for building and repairing credit for either biz or personal. Go to the Business credit forums and look at the “newbie threads” for building corporate credit.

You can obtain credit through cards, LOC’s etc, many without a PG (personal guaranty). This site will show you what you can qualify for and links to do it. You’ll need to LLC or incorporate, establish a DNB and Experian biz credit file and build from there.