Cooperative Assignment

When working with the seller. Do you guys go ahead and get it under contract for the sellers terms? Or do yu guys wait until you fina a tenant buyer and do it. Because obviously when you sign the contract it will say when you lease begins. What if you sign it to start on Janueary 1st and you do not find anyone to assign the contract to. What do you guys do? Thanks!

I will go ahead and do the contract now then look for a tenant/buyer.

It is easier to find a tenant/buyer if you build a database first. That way when you have a home available you just pull out your database.

Finding tenants its the easiest part. Just some marketing knowledge and a database will do the trick!

To your success,

Diana Fontanez
Lease Purchase Specialist and Consultant

What methods do you use to build your database?

Ads on the paper. =) I’m getting so much calls, I don’t even want to pick up my phone anymore. Diana is right, it is easier to get a tenant/buyer then to find a motivated seller. Thank god for Cooperative Assignment, closing on my first one on Friday!

Ads on the paper is a great marketing tool as long as you are consistent and patient. It takes 18 shots of an ad to make effect on a buyer or seller. Basic marketing skills!

Other techniques are:

RE agents
Online and offline ads
Business cards

Having a mix of cost effective marketing tools help you pull from all angles. And that is what you want. Just like, pinoydarv, you want that phone ringing of the hook from all places.

Congratulations Pinoydarv!!!

To your success,

Diana Fontanez
Lease Purchase Specialist and Consultant