Converting multi to SFH?

Has anyone converted back to a SFH from a multi? I am going to look at a property, bank owned. The original sale fell through with another investor because this was an illegally converted home to an over/under duplex. They could not get a variance to keep it that way.
I guess the investor didn’t want to bother with it, and ended the contract.

So, I am going to look at it to convert back. Just wondering how anyone handled the utilities and such. Certainly don’t need 2 of everything!

My first house was a SFR converted to duplex. The previous owner had walled off the LR/DR, converted the front porch to a 2nd kitchen etc. A real mess in my opinion. Fortunately it was an historic structure in an up and coming neighborhood. You have to see through the clutter and imagine the home back to it’s original footprint. I ran dual electric bills for a while until I had a new service panel installed.

I bought a place that was a single family home converted to duplex. Conversion of the electrical panel from one to two, a new water heater and a new gas meter was about $20,000 to include labor materials and city inspections. The thing was that it was an illegal duplex before I got it, so water lines and heating ventilation and air conditioning were already seperate. I agree with 71tr, it might just be easier to pay two electric bills and two gas bills if you have gas. You could probably just leave multiple water heaters and air conditioners and heaters. Switching a 100 amp electric panel is probably $3500. Gas meters would be easy, and probably not more than a few hundred dollars. I would be interested in hearing how things work out on this one.

Going to pass on this one. It could be a nice large SFH, but it was illegally converted to a duplex. With the price ceiling of this area, I can’t get the price I need on the property to justify the fixup costs. It needs about $50K in work - it’s got a lot of problems.

If this house was 1 town over, I would be buying it for sure.

Funder, I don’t know where you are located but if you are paying $3500 for a 100 amp electrice service you are grossly overpaying by about 3X

probably a good move. the house next to one of my property is a SFH that was duplex and then converted back. The un-coversion was done poorly and it a real boat-anchor. Both times it been up for sale in the past 5 yrs its taken 1+yr to sell. Part of that is becuase it floor plan is very poor for a SFR (actually better for a duplex).

Funder, I don't know where you are located but if you are paying $3500 for a 100 amp electrice service you are grossly overpaying by about 3X

That’s good to know…I got a bid from an electrician, but I didn’t pursue it; I just don’t feel like doing any unnecessary repairs. I live in northern California, labor’s probably a bit higher. So, you’re saying that I should be able to switch a 100 amp panel for $1170?

Yes, my current aervice change for my latest rehab for a 100 amp service change is $1000 and it requires permits, a complete move of the existing service into the house and the purchase of a specific electric meter. It covers the material and labor. Yes, I would expect in California to be more but $3500 is extrmely high considering basic materials are only $300-$500 depending on the requirements, breakers needed, etc…