Converting Duplex into SFR


Can anyone give me a general price range of what it would cost to convert a 1200 sq ft duplex into a single family residence? I’m not familiar with rehabbing at all but I’m trying to analyze a wholesale deal that I have and just what to get a ball park of what it would cost to do this, assuming no other major repairs are needed. Thanks!!!

It really depends on how the duplex was done.
I’ve seen a duplex with no split utilities that just had a blocked closed door seperating units.

For that unit the conversion cost would have been 1/2 hr of labor.

To do it right (mike holmes style) on a purpose built duplex, you would be looking at a full gut job.

So between $50 and 50K.
That probably didn’t help you much.
Do you have any more info? Age, condition, was it a purpose built duplex or a conversion?