Converting a flat roof

I have an opportunity to acquire a single-level house that has a flat roof with a ‘decorative’ shingled crown around it - it kind of looks like a neutral colored McDonald’s.

The rest of the homes in the neighborhood are much more traditional/appealing, so this one really sticks out. If I buy it and convert the roof, the increase in value and saleability will cover the cost of conversion.

Has anyone ever converted a flat roof to a gable end roof? Any advice or suggestions?

This can be a HUGE job depending on what type of flat roof you have.

If it’s truely a flat roof it will have a rubber membrane or tar and gravel, most residential flat roof aren’t really flat they pitch slightly from front to back.

With a true flat roof you could truss the new roof and go right over the exsisting, obviously your local building inspector is going to have final say on how this is done so if I were you I’d start with him. Get him out there and ask him what’s acceptable. This can and will avoid an INCREDIBLE amounts of B.S. The one thing I’ve learned over the years is what Acrhitects and Engineers TELL you can be done is not the same as what is ALLOWED.

Start at your buiding inspectors office. He may be fine with a simple truss overlay. You don’t want to find out he’s not AFTER you pay to have the old roof torn off.