Is it better for a newbie to

a) Get a lawyer to draw up contracts?
b) Download the ones from the reiclub website?
c) Buy one of the $3500 courses from a guru?



No to number three…and the safest way is with an attorney. Having said that, a binding contract can be written on a napkin outlining the responsibilities of both parties, with signatures.

You can find many templates on the internet for free, btw.

It depends on the contract. I use Socrates software for my leases, lease applications, contracts with subs used in renovations etc. I use a lawyer for purchase and sell type contracts. What I do is get the lawyer to handle the closing and the contracts are free as part of the closing…or is it that the closing is free with purchase of the contract oh well you get the idea. Don’t seperate them. Hire the lawyer to do the deal and you know your costs up front.