How are those of you out there, that are actually doing deals, writing your contratcs? Did you create your own or have a lawyer do them? Or, are you using the same contratcs that realtors are using and then tweaking them to fit you needs? Where are you getting them?

I am starting to wholesale properties, with a focus on pre-foreclosures, and vacant properties. I also would like to utilize “Sub-2” as much as possible. I am just curious what you all are doing for contracts and how I would incorporate sub-2 and assigning into them.



Either an attorney, (expensive), or a course, (prices vary). Just don’t go the generic route and buy some from the stationary section at WalMart. :rolleyes

I have gotten forms from and also

My best forms I got was from partnering with an investor on a couple of deals & then just using the forms She has used for her deals