I live in Colorado and the Investment program I learned from had invalid contracts. Where would I find the right contract to do my first deal. I am buying from a homeowner and immediately selling to a rehabber, therefore I never actually own the property. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you buy the property, you own it.

Motivated Investor,

Simple answer: find the closest, credible REI club in your area, and ask someone there what contract should be used in your area.

You will likely need a generic “Contract Assignment” form of some sort as well…since you are putting the seller under contract, then you are the owner until you ‘assign’ the contract to another investor.

1.) Get you seller on the ‘valid’ contract.
2.) Get your buyer to sign the ‘Assignment of Contract’ form.
3.) Submit all forms to your title company (w/escrow) at the same time.
4.) Wait for closing day to get paid!

Happy Hunting!