How do you set up contracts with the county, state and federal government for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, and the Mental Ill to obtain housing. Basically, the challenge is to obtain referals for people with these issues

if your local county offers case management, call them and ask.

if your county subs out case management to outside human serv agencies, then contact them.

ask about housing and you should get at least pointed in the right direction.

i used to work in NC mecklenberg country gov’t as a case manager - housing is a HUGE challenge and is ALWAYS welcomed, especially emergency housing. i used to use one lady consistently. she owned a 10 bedroom house on a main road and ran the whole show. she had mentally ill crack addicted homeless there, as long as they were not violent.

as a case manager, i was ALWAYS looking for homes for “my guys” to stay in. as long as it was clean. it was either that, or the mens shelter - which of course was no good.

so start with case managers. they’ll be GLAD to help you out.

thanks i appreciate that it would seem the most logical area to seek information from first.