I am new to investing and understand the concepts well however no one seems to want to explain how to write up the contract. They just say write it up with no mention of how you should go about doing so. I am just curious if I should go to my local Board of Realtors Association or real estate company and purchase a lease option agreement form or is there any where I can find a good resource to learn how to write these up. Another thought is that maybe I should just go to a real estate attorney for this but that might cost a bit more money however itmight be the only way to properly have it done. Any reccomendations and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I have personally got mine through a real estate attorney. This way I know all of my loose ends are tied up plus I then have an attorney on my side for any questions on legal matters that might(and they will) come up.

Thanks for the help rcast. How much does this cost normally? Are we talking a large sum or just a small amount? Thanks again.

that depends on if you want him/her to complete it or if you just want a blank form. I had him complete the first 3 Contract for Deeds that I did so i would feel a little more comfortabe. It cost me $255.00 a piece. Alot I know but the first home that I bought with a CFD I sold 4 weeks later for a profit of 15k! Plus it was an easier sell to the home owner to let me buy his home on CFD when he knew the attorney drew up the documents. So it might cost a little but you will make it up a option money if you l/o or in bigger money if you sell. Good luck in your investing!