I am just coming into this market and would appreciate some guidance with regards to contracts. I’ve read that many investors seem to use the TREC form. My question is if you are not an agent, or using an agent (buying or selling), is it legal to use this contract. Any Texas experience here would be appreciated.

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This may help…

Notice Regarding Contract Forms As public records, the contract forms adopted by the Texas Real Estate Commission are available to any person. However, TREC contract forms are intended for use only by licensed real estate brokers or salespersons who are trained in their correct use. Mistakes in the use of a form may result in financial loss or a contract which is unenforceable. If you are obtaining the forms for possible use in a real estate transaction, you should contact a real estate licensee or an attorney for assistance. TREC cannot provide legal advice to the public on private contractual matters.

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