Hi all,
I need a good contract source if you could lend some recommendations.
I have freedom soft, but it seems to be lacking, thinking about Rocket Lawyer.
To be specific, I need it for an option to sell and a purchase agreement. I’m really afraid of a deal falling through or not getting paid because of bad paperwork.

I’ve used Carbonare’s agreements over at The Naked Investor. Good, solid paperwork in my opinion.

If you want to make sure that you have a good agreement, then hire a real estate lawyer to draft one for you. Yes there is some upfront costs, but you can then turn around and reuse the verbiage in that agreement for other deals.

Another option is to get your hands on the purchase or buy sell agreement that your local realtors are using. This will give you the most accepted agreement and the one that most are familiar with.

You should be able to find that easily online. Many real estate sites also have them.

None of the advice that has been given here is wrong. I would like to add you can network at your local REIA meeting with other Realtors and Investors. I’m pretty sure either one of these professionals could assist you with a contract

Hope this helps :smile