CONTRACTS when I am buying from motivated seller on Lease-Option

Question: I am a new investor, attempting to follow the Lease Option (buying and selling) process as described in the Conti & Finkel Book. “Buying Real-Estate Without Cash or Credit.” My question is, when I am initially going through the Instant Offer System as described in the book, and it is time for the Motivated Seller to sign contracts, WHAT EXACT CONTRACTS DOES HE SIGN AT THAT POINT (IF NOT ALL?) SECONDLY, IN TOTAL, WHICH CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTS MUST BE USED WHEN IM BUYING FROM A MOTIVATED SELLER ON LEASE OPTION?

note: I have the cd of all contracts published by Conti and Finkel, and I know there is the folder of all the ‘PRO seller’ lease option contracts, but it is still unclear to me exactly which contracts MUST be signed, and exactly when!! PLEASE HELP!!! I have referred to the Escrow Documents Checklist, and I am still not sure which have to be signed.

if you got the CD through Conti & Finkel you can call their helpline I think…

I don’t know the answer to your question, sorry…

You received the cd of the forms? How much did it cost? Was it worth the money? To answer your question, it does state on his website that there is a custoemr FAQ for people that have purchased their products. Plus if I am not mistaking I believe there are two forms and they are called out in the book. I don’t have the cd so I can’t call them by title.

Yes, the cd of contracts is worth it. And yes, Conti & Finkel do reference the 2 primary forms that you need to get the motivated seller to sign when buying on a lease-to-own, BUT you will see on the CD that there are many more contracts that the motivated seller will eventually have to sign for escrow purposes etc…, and I am just not sure exactly which are needed.
Thanks for your reply.