contracts? Insurance?

I decided to L/O our home to family with kids theres a pool. Do i need to note in contracts about liabilty? can we have problem from an accident? Is there free online site to pull L/O contracts seller friendly and options to purchase buyer friendly? Thank you

Sounds like you’re willing to risk everything you’ve got for the sake of saving a few dollars on some generic contracts. Free contracts found online are worth the price you paid for them. I suggest you rethink your position, and then contact your insurance company and purchase a rider to cover yourself in the event something tragic happens to someone while splashing in your pool.

Even the best contract doesn’t apply to guests of the TB.

In addition to insurance, I would make sure that pool complies with all codes.

Great thankx for the advise. I’m putting into action right now with my ins. agent for quotes.
I do have contracts but I am new at this and just wanted to compare.