Contracts for fixer upper

Good day every one, can some one please tell me is there a special contract for buying fixer upper and were can i get one.
thank you.

Not to my knowledge…at least I’ve never heard of one. Use a standard RE contract and make sure all of the conditions of the agreement are accurately represented in the contract.

Good luck!


thanks Keith i’ll get a copy.

Also, don’t forget to add “and/or assigns” next to your name, just in case you want to assign it. And definitely don’t forget to make the sale contingent upon inspection and appraisal.

This way when you get your inspection back and let’s say you don’t like something that has to be done, you can either ask the seller to fix it or use it as a renegotiating tool to take in consideration this repair that was unknown to you.

Your addendum will save you and give you an out if you need it.

Unless the home is REO or VA owned, some banks will require there special forms to be used or attached to the sale contract.