Contracts and Options? Which one and where to get

I’m new to REI and want to get into wholesaling. I’ve got 4 questions…

Question #1- Which is better to wholesale real estate? Getting a property under contract and assigning the contract or getting an option to purchase the property and assigning the option?

Question #2- What’s the best way of getting purchase/option contracts? Do you use a standard realtor’s purchase contract or is there one specialized for wholesaling?

Question #3- Where can I purchase and/or download a purchase contract to be used in Florida?

Question #4- Does the contract need to have carbon copies so that when you have one signed, you can leave a copy with the seller?

  1. I don’t know if it’s “better”, but it certainly is easier to get a Pure Option on a property and then assign it to a third party.
  2. A local real estate attorney, or one of the many courses that cover the techniques you are interested in pursuing.
  3. See 2 above.
  4. Carbon copies? No. Give the seller an original set, and you keep the same for yourself.