I own a few properties free and clear, but I was always the contractor, chief and window washer, but I guess thats how I got them, so I’m not complaining. This guy would not come to work. If I can just put a few more pieces of this puzzle togather, I can get this thing rolling. I need an Ironclad Contractors Agreement!

:frowning: Can Somebody Please help me?


I am not sure if I understand what you are asking. Let me see if I got what you said.

You own some properties free and clear.
You used be a contractor, but now you are hiring your work done.
You have hired a contractor, but you can’t get him to show up.
You need help writing contract that will get the contractor to do his work.

If I understood your post, let us know so that we can try to help.


;)Yes you’re right, I need help writing the correct clauses to put in the contract that will get a contractor to do his work in a timely manner, on a regular basis.

I was not a contractor for hire, I just have the talent or curse of being able to repair and build anything I want to in, or on a house. I have never seen a Contractor’s Agreement.

Forgive me for not phrasing my question clearer :-[

I don’t know any magic contract language. You can always put in provisions that spell out that if the guy is absent from the jobsite for x days, the contract is terminated, etc…

The main motivator is money. Make sure you’re ahead all the time. By that I mean the contractor should always have done more work than you’ve paid him for up until the last payment. That keeps them showing up every day until the job is done. If you get behind, and the contractor has been paid for more work than he has done, he could walk and take another job, and made a nice profit off of you. When he’s halfway done, pay him 40%. When he’s three-quarters done, pay him another 20%. When he’s finished, pay him the rest. Or, if you’re paying for the material, don’t pay him at all until the job is complete. That only works if it the job takes less than a week to complete, because everyone needs to buy groceries.

Eventually you’ll find good workers. The best ones always come by referrals from trusted sources. When you find a good one, treat them well.

Staples has contractors standard agreements and forms on cd that you can buy then customize as needed. Go to, or visit their store. However, if you think that a contract will make your unwilling contractor come to work, you are mistaken. Trust me, I’ve been burned with an ironclad contract in hand!

I’m not sure what state you’re in, but in Connecticut we have the Dept. of consumer protection which licenses all home improvement contractors, lists any complaints agagins them, and provides you with a resource of the guidlines for a bindng contract (must include scope of work, three business day recission period, etc.). Do your research, and then hire an attorney to look out for you, it’s well worth the investment.

Good luck!

Put a clause in the contract for liquidated damages, if he is not complete by a cetain time, making sure you have not paid him this bonus. Most contractors do not accept them or build some of this into the bid if it is required…use caution.
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