Contractors - questions to ask

This is my first rehab and I am meeting with a first contractor that someone recommeded on Wednsday.

I want to tear down walls and make the rooms bigger and add another bed and bath to make it 3/2. New Windows, flooring/carpets, kitchen, etc. Not top of the line but cute enough for a young family. It has a large back yard to extend.

What questions should I ask him to make sure that he is not over selling me? These are questions I had in mind:

[]How long have you been a contactor?
]list of references
[]how often do you come in within budget/timeline? What are the factors?
]What are my options on materials you are going to use?
[]Can I provide the raw materials such as kitchen cabinets, counter tops, floorings, etc
]How long would it take to complete the task
[]Do you arrange premits and inspections from the city/count, etc?
]How do you expect to get paid - I pay only when the schedule is met at middle and at the end. Nothing up front.
[]What are your expenses other than materials I can’t provide
]What are the markups on those?

I can get a lot of materials directly from the manufacturers at a wholesale price.

Any advice you could provide me would be greatly appreciated!

  1. What’s your license number? Check with the state to see if it’s active.
  2. Let me see a copy of your insurance and their phone number to see if it’s still in force.

The contractor should be the one pulling all the permits, that’s what the license is for. As for buying the materials, some will let you, some won’t.

You can also set up penalties if the job isn’t completed on time.

Also get everything to be done in writing. Can’t sue for a bad job if it isn’t written down, at least not in this state and probably true for most states.

How long have you been in business?

Have you completed projects like mine recently?

Can you provide a list of references? (and call them!!!)

To which professional associations do you belong?

Will you be using subcontractors on this project? If so, are your subcontractors licensed to work in these areas (such as plumbing, roofing, etc.)? What is average length of time they have worked for you?

#Are you insured and covered by worker’s compensation?

Do you give written warranties?

Will my project require a permit, and who gets them?

Who are your top 3 material suppliers?

Contact each place. Is the contractor in good standing there?

Excellent topic!