contractors or sub contractors

how can i find cheap sub contractors. i tried the internet and yellow pages but all of them seem like they bid high. I need to find people that i can call and give me a fair bid and have them do the work fast but at the same time a good job.

The best way is word of mouth. Go to local REI Club. Ask for a referral from other investors. Check your local paper.

Be careful though as you usually get what you pay for. It has been discussed on this site many times and I believe that the consensus is to just pay the extra to get a quality contractor.

It’s not cheap you want, it’s good. If you pay for cheap work, you will probably end up having it done twice and will cost as much as if you had it done right the first time.

Get references and call them. Ask anyone you know who has had work done and whether or not they were satisfied. Check the BBB as well on potential companies to work with.

This is a nice little lesson I learned a long time ago…

Want to find good subs??

Ask the best local sub you already know for a recommendation.

Here’s how it works…

Let’s assume you have a great mason or (fill in trade here)
Ask him if he knows a good framer. The key here is masons work after and while framers are working, they see good ones, great ones, and hacks, if you’re a good customer who pays on time and is ready when THEY show up, your masons will give you the name of a really good framer, because THEY don’t like fixing other people’s screw ups. They aren’t going to reframe a wall for you but they have to deal with it. It slows everything down. In construction time IS money.

This works with any trade. Want to find a great plasterer, ask a painter. They have to fix any imperfections in walls the plasterers leave so it’s in THEIR best interest to give you a good one. Need a good plumber? Ask an electrician, their both drilling holes in studs to snake wires and pipes though. Take a look at how neat their work is, my plumber is a fanantic, he paints the pvc pipe at joints where the primer shows because it drives him nuts looking at it. I DO NOT HAVE PLUMBING PROBLEMS…EVER!!!

Need a good foundation contractor? ask your framer. If that foundation is out of square HE has to fix it by playing with the sill plates. He knows who’s good. My foundation guy is NEVER out of square by more than a 1/4". THAT’S GOOD!

Not one of my subs is cheap, not even close. And, I pay them THE DAY they’re done. However, they don’t get one cent until that day. I call, they come, they know, I’ll be ready, the job will be ready, and they’ll be working after other contractors THEY have recommended. When your working on a house your paying monthly payments on, holding time is THE key. I could get guy’s who work cheaper, but then you pay with time and hacked work. Spend the money, get great subs. If you’re planning on doing this for a long time that’s how you build a reputation. And believe me, the time will come when you’re in a jam and these guy’s will bail you out big time. They’ll do it because you treat them right. Ever notice how many subs the “Montelongo’s” go through on the joke series Flip this House?? You can do it like that, plenty of people do. BUT…
You become a Firefighter and Babysitter at that point.

No thanks, I’ll deal with quality over price EVERYTIME. It makes MY life easier.

It’s as hard as you want to make it.

What’s that one sub they use for a lot of their projects? He always looks like he’s one step away from stabbing the brothers…not a good relationship at all.