contractor vs. do it yourself

[i][/i][b][/b] :beer purchased 9 br 4 bth made into 3 apartments want to sub contract the work out to save money. hope to finish in 3-4 months :help or hire a contractor.

Do it once, your a pro, farm it out, your broke. My motto. It can suck sometimes. Like when your repairing a clean out trap your tenant ran over and some idiot flushes the toliet right as you get the broken pipe out, even though you told them “no agua in el draino” or your sawzaw splatters a mixture of poop, dirt, and laundry detergent in your face (sewer cocktail!). Cost me 50 bucks and poop in the face, as oppose to 400 bucks for rotor-rooter. I’ll take poop in the face anytime.

Do it yourself if you can do it better/faster. Sub it out otherwise. Don’t forget to include your holding costs. You don’t really save much if you take such a long time that interest payments exceed the cost savings of DIY.