Contractor recommendation

How do I find a good contractor in the DFW area? I am having trouble just finding one to give me an estimate and those that will want to charge $300 or more. I am just trying to determine the cost of repairs before I make an offer and I have to charge for estimates on every possible deal, I’ll go broke :slight_smile:




You asked a tough question. The problem is that I don’t know if I can give you a good answer. Probably the best answer I can give you is to ask for recommendations from investors in your area. You might also look at local REI club websites (such as Other than that, you might try calling the BBB and see if they have any contractors listed that don’t have complaints.


I second the REI club for leads. There are several in TX. Another resource, ( has a few listings in DFW. They prescreen contractors, but if local guys charge for estimates, these companies may, too.

Make sure the contractor knows it’s not a ‘one-time-deal’, and that you will have multiple projects.

Good Luck


In the past ive had a lot of sucsess in calling adds in the news,

getting them around to do a small job,getting some repore and

then go from there. dont expect a guy with holes in his shoes to

rebuild your empire for $25, just play it by ear.


I have found that talking to subcontractors is a great way to id a good GC. When I bought my first project house, I had subs, rather than a home inspector, inspect critical areas that I thought might be deal killers (this approach is pretty cost effective too). Anyway, while they were doing their inspections, I just told the subs what I was doing and asked if they ever worked with a GC they would recommend. Worked like a charm.