I was just wondering when i go a house to get the seller to sign a contract… do i have to go threw all the numbers on the contract or i just fill out the address and let the them sign it?

It all depends upon the seller. Some sellers want to know what they are signing and may even ask to take the contract to their attorney for review. The most motivated sellers just sign away.

i never sign a contract before. should i ask my attorny to do my first deal?

If it makes you feel more comfortable, or if it is a stumbling block that keeps you from doing a deal then go for it.

Otherwise, the contract is a very simple process. It doesn’t take much, and chances are that the seller doesn’t know as much as you do. I fumbled through many contracts when I first got started. I was shaking so badly that my signature is barely legible.



“I was shaking so badly that my signature is barely legible.”

lol… that was funny you just made my day with that… thanks for your reply it was helpfull… :slight_smile: